Wednesday, 26 August 2015

See Your Box welcomes its first client: Arteria

Arteria is one of the three biggest movers specialized in high valuable masterpieces, in Europe. It moves paintings, scrolls, sculptures and other art from nail to nail.  It uses multiple forms of transportation to deliver art around the world and it is implementing the See Your Box (SYB) service to inform its quality assurance activities during shipping.

See Your Box will monitor the condition of the art shipments in transit by recording the location, temperature, and humidity of each crate. Thresholds are set for these environmental parameters and Arteria is informed in real time if the optimal conditions needed for its shipments are breached.  

Arteria was particularly interested in using the See Your Box service because we are the only service they could find that monitors humidity as well as temperature and sends alerts in real time (see picture below)

The picture above, on the right, shows the SYB monitoring device fixed to a painting before it is sealed into its shipping crate.

Keep on going SYB! 

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