Thursday, 21 April 2016


In todays environment quality and safety in food packaging and logistics requires real time monitoring services to control  products from farm to fork. Until today monitoring meant very few disconnected sensors logging data at discrete intervals; this is not good enough anymore. To pro-actively prevent and manage logistics risks SYB provides real-time monitoring services delivered without the deployment of any infrastructure. Industrial Internet of Things (IIioT) technology can generate an added value to logistics, especially in food transportation, where waste, cold chain interruption and food contamination represents everyday hazards for consumers' health and business continuity.  See Your Box has developed an IIoT based technology able to prevent major issues by guarantying that your goods are under control at all time by transmitting a continuous flow of information.

The CUSTOMER’S view point
The customer is a global market leader of high value gastronomic goods that is always looking for innovative logistic solution. In order to avoid goods losses or crashes and guarantee the best quality to customers, the company has expressed its need for a solution to monitor the conditions of its shipments, all along the supply chain, from the supplier to the retailer. The client needs to track food and perishable goods in countries with difficult environmental conditions (desert) and not fully covered by GSM network as Australia, New Zeland and China.

SYB service allows the customer to have full vision and control of the product during all the transportation. A cloud based standard service gives instantaneous access to several team members from different locations and sends SMS and email alerts regarding critical situations. SYB system requires minutes to install and connect devices that will follow the product all along the supply chain, from the supplier to the, through the distribution centre. Devices will record on real-time data on temperature, humidity, light levels, box opening and shocks of its selected goods, during all critical transport stages. SYB solution in a nutshell: several self powered small devices all built on the same hardware platform, connected to the network and capable to adapts their setting automatically according to place and situation. No human intervention needed.  Simple, secure and super smart.

Thanks to SYB Service, the customer discovered that even if breaking the eggs was considered the critical factor, 
the temperature and delays in transportation were the real unexpected problem.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The PROFILE OF IMPACT: the new service of See Your Box

See Your Box has developed a new service: the PROFILE OF IMPACT.
It allows the customer to know what happen BEFORE and AFTER the impact of his good and more important understand the NATURE of the impact.

Device fall   
Device hit with a change of orientation
To make an analogy with sound, knowing that at a given time the device registered a loud sound doesn't give us any information regarding it's frequency and evolution over time: 
Was it a baby crying? A crash? Very loud music? 
Just knowing "how loud" the sound was can only give us vague ideas. In many applications knowing only the magnitude of the impact is not sufficient. 

See Your Box, analysing the accelerometer profile, can do:
1) The impact analysis that is the reconstruction of the dynamics of the impact.
2) The vibration recognition, the possibility of distinguish if the impact event was isolated or within the context of a vibration.
3) The crash and fall recognition, the possibility of understanding if the impact happens because the device felt or was hit. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The MassChallenge Switzerland

SEE YOUR BOX has applied for MassChallenge Switzerland.
MassChallenge is a start-up accelerator that helps entrepreneurs across any industry, providing startups with the access and resources they need to succeed, from free office space to mentoring, workshops and global network access. The three objectives of Massa Challenge are:
1)              Promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization
2)              Address the seed-stage investment gap, empowering novice entrepreneurs
3)              Provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs

MassChallenge Switzerland is an accelerator connected with other MassChallenge global hubs, in Boston, London, Jerusalem and Mexico City, to allow a dramatically expantion of the open innovation and the collaboration between the start-ups.

To have more information check the MassChallenge website.