Friday, 11 December 2015

IIOT applications in the agribusiness, SYB first pubblished paper

Last July, we presented our first paper, followed by Professor Erica Varese Dipartimento di Scienze Merceologiche of the School of Management and Economics of Turin.

Here an abstract of the Publication “FOOD & HERITAGE”

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and supporting real-time monitoring services offer the opportunity for an Agribusiness to pro-actively manage logistics risks to the successful delivery of its goods to the end consumer. In order to obtain a clear view of the benefits of real-time monitoring logistics in agribusiness, in this paper we present: an analysis of existing technology landscape; present and future development of the use of IIoT technology to drive more efficient Agribusiness logistics; and one example of an innovative real-time logistics monitoring service (SeeYour Box Ltd).
In agribusiness it is important to first understand the difference between tracking and monitoring. Tracking currently requires a discrete series of points where the product is actively scanned; monitoring on the other hand represents the action of recording some key parameters during a transport. The paper shows pros and cons of some of the current solutions offered by the market. The different tools are divided into two tables according to the presence/absence of two parameters: real-time and need for dedicated infrastructure. The perfect combination would be a technology able to offer both solutions at the same time. See Your Box Ltd has developed a technology able to fill the gap in the sector providing dynamic information without a need for dedicated infrastructure.”
(Erica Varese, Riccardo Beltramo, Stefania Buffagni, Federico Capello, Marco Toja, Giulia Gallino)

You can check the complete study in G.Giappichelli editore

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