Monday, 14 March 2016

Backstage of the Interview with Fondazione CRT

Last week, in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Madama in Turin, SYB did an interview with Fondazione CRT The interview was an opportunity to take stock of two important themes. One is the importance of the post-graduate training of Fondazione CRT and in particular the program  Talenti perle Impresefor the development of managers who are able to work in start ups. The other is, how SYB has used his experiences to create innovations in the sector of art transportation.

Fondazione CRT born in  1991 from Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, is a private, non-profit organisation that develop projects in different sectors, from the preservation and promotion of the artistic heritage and cultural activities to scientific research; from education and training to health care and assistance for vulnerable social groups; from civil protection and environmental safeguards to innovation in local institutions and support of economic development and startups.

SYB knows that in fine arts market, one of the biggest challenges is transportation, in fact, the artwork is carried out by different players (owners, transport companies, exhibitors and or restorers). SYB service want to answer to the need of masterpieces’ owners that require real time nail to nail real-time monitoring.

Thanks to the filmmaker Danilo Monte for the amazing work.

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