Saturday, 16 April 2016

The PROFILE OF IMPACT: the new service of See Your Box

See Your Box has developed a new service: the PROFILE OF IMPACT.
It allows the customer to know what happen BEFORE and AFTER the impact of his good and more important understand the NATURE of the impact.

Device fall   
Device hit with a change of orientation
To make an analogy with sound, knowing that at a given time the device registered a loud sound doesn't give us any information regarding it's frequency and evolution over time: 
Was it a baby crying? A crash? Very loud music? 
Just knowing "how loud" the sound was can only give us vague ideas. In many applications knowing only the magnitude of the impact is not sufficient. 

See Your Box, analysing the accelerometer profile, can do:
1) The impact analysis that is the reconstruction of the dynamics of the impact.
2) The vibration recognition, the possibility of distinguish if the impact event was isolated or within the context of a vibration.
3) The crash and fall recognition, the possibility of understanding if the impact happens because the device felt or was hit. 

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