Thursday, 6 July 2017

See Your Box at the Insurance IoT Europe Summit in London

On 26th and 27th of June See Your Box was invited by Nexus Insurance to join the most important
Insurance IoT summit in Europe. During the event our CEO Marco Toja has also delivered a speech regarding the opportunities and challenges of IoT in a for a commercial landscape.

The Summit took place at the fancy Hilton Tower Hotel in London where top-tier insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers and startups were invited to talk about new connections between IoT and the insurance sector.

See Your Box has taken this invitation as a real opportunity to show its exception based monitoring service dedicated to goods. Furthermore, on the first day our CEO Marco Toja was invited to take the floor at the “Seize the massive opportunity of IoT for Commercial Insurance” track moderated by Gareth Eggle, head of insurance at Flint Hyde, and to discuss with Pierluigi Fasano, head of P&C Enterprise Architecture from Swiss Re, the nowadays’IoT commercial landscape and new innovative processes in the insurance system.

For more information on Track 3A:

Seize the massive opportunity of IoT for Commercial Insurance
The Sleeping Giant: Pinpoint the opportunity, challenges and reality of IoT for a Commercial Landscape
  • SMEs, power plants, commercial buildings, smart agriculture…Which industries are ripe for investment in IoT from an insurance perspective – and what are the specific challenges? 
  • Identify which entities are most at risk of business interruption loss and find out how predictive maintenance can help
  • Commercial entities were never designed to be connected – how can you reconcile the opportunities of IOT with the legacy systems
  • Evaluate which partners provide the scalability and level of security required for commercial insurance
  • Explore how AI, blockchain and automation will drive efficiencies in commercial insurance and how this ties into IoT

For more information on the Insurance IoT Europe Summit by Nexus:

Harness connected technology to drive product development, automate claims, reduce losses and create a positive, proactive partnership with your customers
The Insurance IoT Europe conference and exhibition is the only event created tackling the applications of connected devices across all lines of insurance. Now in its 2nd year, it's a key meeting point for C-level executives and heads of strategy, R&D and innovation to address how IoT is transforming risk, pricing, claims and most importantly – the relationship with your customers. Because it's all about the customer… Once you get your IoT strategy right, you'll be able to create new products and services and drive real customer engagement – ultimately improving your long-term business. Attend this event and take your company to the next level; transform your customer relationships and reposition your business as a personal risk partner.

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