Monday, 3 June 2019

"Trono di Grazia 4.0"

Great news: on Thursday 13th June the Museo diocesano of Caltagirone (CT, Italy) is inaugurating the permanent exhibition of the "Trono di Grazia", by the Flemish artist van der Stockt.
See Your Box cares particularly for this painting, since it was one of our very first monitoring activities, back in 2015. 
After a long and accurate work of restoration, carried out by the Vatican Museums restoration Laboratories, the renovated painting is now going back to its home museum.
Once again See Your Box is monitoring the painting, but this time a more innovative project has been set-up. 
Thanks to the project “Trono di Grazia 4.0”, for the first time an innovative IoT solution will be used to deliver an all-inclusive solution for the fine arts logistics and exhibition.
Because of the analysis and continuous transmission of data in real time, along all steps of a nail2nail transport, it's possible to share alerts and core information with all partners, in order to prevent potential damages to the masterpiece.
The project was born thanks to the collaboration between See Your Box, Aon Italy as insurance partner, Apice, Ott Art and Propagroup as logistics, exhibition and service providers for fine arts.
Such a comprehensive project, shared among the best professionals of this field, offers an all-inclusive data analysis service, which allows to better manage the risk connected to transports, packaging, insulating materials, display cases for exhibitions and an automated and accurate evaluation of risk profiles.

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